28 May 2009

KLC Requests More Pork

AADC wants more government handouts; they still cannot pay their own way.
As you read through this desperate plea for more corporate welfare, you'll see that AADC is trying to hold the State of Alaska hostage. "If we don't get this money, the Air Force won't want to launch here." (paraphrase)
Well, if the Air Force wants to use the facility, why don't they PAY for the infrastructure and support they need? Why does Alaska have to bear their burden?
AADC claims that the money is need to provide economic benefits to Alaska communities - shall we come to depend on government funding of the KLC for our welfare? Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has rejected some federal stimulus funds, saying we shouldn't be beholden to the government. Is this really any different?
So, what will Kodiak get from all this? A vastly increased KLC footprint at Narrow Cape, further limiting recreational access and degrading the aesthetic value of the area. More unused structures rusting away in the marine environment, awaiting destruction when the Narrow Cape earthquake fault underlying the site slips. Some temporary boost to construction (which is actually booming right now as it is).
Pay your own way, AADC!

Kodiak Launch Complex Infrastructure FY2010 Request:
Reference No:
AP/AL: Appropriation Project Type: Construction
Category: Development
Location: Kodiak Contact: Dale K. Nash, Chief Executive Officer
House District: Kodiak (HD 36) Contact Phone: (907)561-3338
Estimated Project Dates: 07/01/2009 - 06/30/2014
Brief Summary and Statement of Need:
Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation (AADC) requests $17.5 million to build two facilities: a dedicated rocket motor storage facility and an additional launch pad. This program contributes to the Department's mission of promoting a healthy economy and strong communities by providing economic growth in the communities it serves.
Funding: FY2010 FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 Total
Fed Rcpts $14,000,000 $14,000,000
Gen Fund $3,500,000 $3,500,000
Total: $17,500,000 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $17,500,000
State Match Required One-Time Project Phased - new Phased - underway On-Going
0% = Minimum State Match % Required Amendment Mental Health Bill
Operating & Maintenance Costs: Amount Staff
Project Development: 0 0
Ongoing Operating: 0 0
One-Time Startup: 0
Totals: 0 0
Additional Information / Prior Funding History:
Refer to the funding matrix in the detailed description.
Project Description/Justification:
This is the second of a two-year funding request for this multi-year project.
Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation’s (AADC) Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC) requests
funding for the following: a dedicated rocket motor storage facility, an additional launch pad, and related infrastructure. KLC’s existing two launch pads are right next to each and cannot be used simultaneously, thereby limiting customers and launches. The additional facilities will allow multiple launch customers to be on site simultaneously, double KLC’s launch capabilities, and result in KLC being a full service spaceport.
AADC is currently developing a long-term relationship with the U.S. Air Force (USAF). The USAF plans to initiate the Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) program with the goal of having launch on-demand capability – placing national defense assets in orbit with very little lead time. KLC is an attractive launch site for the ORS program because the KLC offers flexible launch scheduling not available at other U.S. launch sites; and launches from KLC avoid populated areas, environmentally sensitive areas, and congested air routes. However, the ORS program will require a dedicated rocket motor storage facility and dedicated launch pad. Neither is currently available at the KLC.
An initial ORS demonstration launch is planned for September 2009 and a second potential launch is scheduled for December 2009. Once mature, it is estimated the ORS program will launch four or State of Alaska Capital Project Summary Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Final FY10 SB75 Capital Bill Reference No: 41789
5/20/09 1:37:01 PM Page 1
Kodiak Launch Complex Infrastructure FY2010 Request:
Reference No:
more payloads to orbit each year. This is in addition to launches already provided for the Department
of Defense, Missile Defense Agency. In addition, the AADC is currently in discussions with other
potential customers such as other Department of Defense agencies, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and commercial interests.
The facilities will be built over the next two years and will cost $35 million. In fiscal year 2009 and again in 2010 AADC has/will be requesting $17.5 million. Of that amount, $14.0 million will be provided by the federal government and $3.5 million is requested from the State’s General Fund.
The State’s initial General Fund investment of $15.6 million has resulted in $214 million in revenue, a viable aerospace industry within Alaska, and employment opportunities in Kodiak. KLC has become an acknowledged national asset in the U.S. spaceport inventory. Additional investment by the State will send a strong message that Alaska supports the KLC and the continued expansion of the aerospace industry in Alaska.
If this capital request is not approved, the KLC will not be able to support the U.S. Air Force in its Operationally Responsive Space program. Nor will AADC be able to attract other potential customers as the KLC will continue to be limited – unable to accommodate multiple launch customers on site simultaneously.
Funding History
Year Amount Legislation AR #
FY 1999 5,000,000 SLA 98 Ch 139 Page 40 Line 9 32591-04
FY 2000 6,000,000 SLA 99 Ch 2 Page 38 Line 21 32646-04
FY 2000 9,300,000 RPL 0810064 32647-04
FY 2001 17,900,000 SLA 00 Ch 135 Page 3 Line 13 32627-05
FY 2002 4,500,000 SLA 01 Ch 61 Page 3 Line 23 32639-06
FY 2002 20,000,00 SSSLA 02 Ch 1 Page 112 Line 4 32673-06
FY 2004 38,000,000 SLA 03 Ch 82 Page 45 Line15 32679-08
FY 2006 36,000,000 FSSLA05 Ch3 Page3 Line27 32723-09
FY 2007 15,000,000 SLA 06 Ch82 Page 3 Line 30 10334-11
FY 2008 15,000,000 SLA 07 Ch30 Page 84 Line 31 6355-12
FY 2009 17,500,000 SLA 08 Ch29 Page 88 Line 9 4689-13
State of Alaska Capital Project Summary Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Final FY10 SB75 Capital Bill Reference No: 41789
5/20/09 1:37:01 PM Page 2

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