12 April 2011

12 April 2011: No Bailout for Alaska Aerospace in 2011 Alaska State Budget?

SB46 is the Alaska Senate proposed capital budget for 2011.
According to KMXT news, all funding for the Alaska Aerospace Corporation has been removed from this draft. 
      "But eliminated from the Senate's capital budget is any funding for the Alaska Aerospace Corporation. The governor's budget had allotted $4 million. That was less than the $10 million requested by the state-owned corporation that operates the Kodiak Launch Complex. But those funds didn't survive the Senate Finance Committee."
            "Sen. President Gary Steven's chief of staff Katrina Metheny said it was not Steven's doing. She said the senator does support the Alaska Aerospace Corporation, adding there would be opportunities to re-insert the funding at a later date though she offered no commitment it would happen."
      I confirmed this elimination with KMXT news personnel today.
Perhaps our elected officials are finally realizing what a colossal waste of money it is to keep the Kodiak Launch Complex (aka "The Little Launch Complex That Couldn't" aka "Space Pork Kodiak") open for business when it has little or no business. No more handouts; no more corporate welfare.


Tayler said...

My dad works at the Kodiak launch complex. He needs all the insurance and money he can get because he has four kids. And my friends dad works there too. If you close the complex that would just be selfish. Because my step mom doesn't work. It makes me mad to see people talking bad about the launches.We only messed up one.

Kodiak Rocket Launch Information Group said...

Dear Tayler:
Decisions relating to funding of the KLC are made by the Alaska State Legislature; I suggest you contact your legislative representatives and make your case for funding.
We haven't heard anyone speak specifically about the launches, although you are correct, one was a failure.
Most criticism has been aimed at the fact that the facility is unable to pay its own way. Unfortunately, the state of Alaska has many things to pay for, so perhaps the Legislature has decided that they are more important than the launch complex.