08 March 2011

Kodiak Launch Complex Begs For Bailout:: Ten Million Dollars!!

JUNEAU, Alaska — Executives at the Alaska Aerospace Corporation say the Kodiak Launch Facility requires $10 million in state funding next year for maintenance and operations.
Aerospace Corporation chief executive officer Dale Nash says the $4 million allocated in Gov. Sean Parnell's budget proposal is insufficient and could lead to maintenance on the facility being deferred.
Nash says the additional funding became necessary after the Missile Defense Agency declined to renew a contract with the facility last year and decided against further launches from the island.
Aerospace Corporation President Craig Campbell says his agency is looking to diversify the facility's clientele and collaborate with the private sector.
The Alaska Aerospace Corporation has managed the facility since it opened in 1998.
Associated Press

How long will the state and the feds pour money into the "Launch Pad to Nowhere"?  Alaska's infrastructure needs improvement and upgrades and we waste our money on an unprofitable white elephant.  For fifteen years Alaska and the feds have propped the KLC up - it's time for the facility to sink or swim on its own.  Stop the corporate welfare.

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