28 October 2010

Kodiak Launch Complex For Sale??

[We are currently trying to obtain independent verification of the following information]
KRLIG learned recently from a very reputable source that the Alaska Aerospace Corp. is requesting 10 million (more) dollars a year from the state for the next 4 years.  This handout is on top of the millions of dollars in corporate welfare they have already received from the state in recent years to keep them going between the few launches that have occurred since the facility was first built.  AAC has admitted publicly that launch revenues have NEVER covered the cost of operating the complex.

In addition to this plea, they are also requesting from the state an additional 80 million dollars to build another complex at Narrow Cape!  Apparently, the current infrastructure is corroding in the severe marine environment of Narrow Cape and is fast becoming obsolete. And remember the launch tower (aka Faulty Tower) is built on a major earthquake fault.

Reportedly, if they can't get the money they are requesting from the state, they might try to sell the KLC.  Our question is, "Who could they legally sell it to?" A foreign country? If sold to someone from out of state, Kodiak and Alaska would have even less control of it than we do now.

All of this is obviously disturbing on many levels. While Kodiak is working so very hard to improve the local quality of life by becoming more energy independent and adopting more sustainable living practices, AND struggling to finance the new high school, this proposal is ludicrous and if financed, would be like pouring more of our state revenue into a black hole that hasn't produced a dime of profit for the state. Don't forget that the federal government has also poured tens of millions of dollars into the KLC for construction and maintenance.

The AAC website doesn't even list the names of their board members to facilitate public contact.

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