10 May 2010

Kodiak Launch Complex to Close?

Well, Alaska Aerospace's desperation continues to get even more pathetic; now they've got the Alaska congressional delegation begging the Missile Defense Agency to please please please please oh please launch rockets from the Kodiak Launch Complex.  

This letter (reproduced below) is a hoot - note that the KLC is referred to as a "national treasure" - oh, really?  Mount Rushmore is a national treasure - the KLC is an already obsolete facility that can't even support itself financially.  Hence the need for MDA bailout money.
      They fail to mention that at least one rocket had to be destroyed about one minute after launch for undetermined reasons.
      Senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski and Representative Don Young claim that the KLC may have to close if MDA won't come and launch rockets.  The only reason they ever launched any rockets in the past was due to pressure from once powerful, former Alaska senator "Uncle" Ted Stevens.  In fact, it was Stevens who pressured the Air Force to fund the construction of the KLC when the State of Alaska determined that AAC would not be able to repay a construction loan.
  The launch tower is rusting, it sits on an earthquake fault, the facility can't pay for itself, the conclusion is obvious: shut it down before it sucks any more money out of state and federal coffers. The lack of MDA launches has produced the best idea yet for this travesty of corporate welfare!

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