10 April 2010

We Told You So: Kodiak Launch Complex Bailed Out Again

Since 1995, KRLIG's research has shown that the Kodiak Launch Complex would never be a successful business; for 15 years we've said that the KLC and AAC could not survive on their own without continual and substantial handouts from the federal and state governments. This aging facility has yet to cover its operating costs with launch revenues.  It has been a constant drain on state and federal resources.  Here is the latest example of Alaska pouring money down the toilet:
The Alaska Legislature has budgeted " $4 million to the Alaska Aerospace Corporation to temporarily cover operating expenses." (Kodiak Daily Mirror 4/0/10) 
Note the number of days since the last launch in the counter to the right.
The KLC just sits out at Narrow Cape on an earthquake fault slowly rusting away in the harsh marine environment.
Meanwhile, property owners in Kodiak have to help pay for a badly needed new high school - that four million would be far better spent on education infrastructure (or operating costs for that matter)

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