05 December 2009


Congratulations to Alaska Aerospace Corporation for completing one year launch-free!  The last launch at the KLC was December 5, 2008.
On December 31, 2009, AAC  can proudly state that not one launch occurred in the calendar year 2009!
This "for profit" corporation and its facility have been bailed out by the federal and state governments since 1995.  
AAC officials have admitted that launch revenues do not cover the cost of operating the facility.

Meanwhile, a 30 million dollar "rocket storage facility" is being constructed at the KLC, using federal and state money.  At least they can store them even if they aren't launching them!
To those who claim that the KLC is vital to National Missile Defense, it should be noted that the target missiles fired from Kodiak can be launched from portable launch pads using mobile mission control modules.  Little, if any, of the infrastructure currently in place is required for MDA launches.
And local residents have reported that that Faulty Tower (the unused launch tower sitting on an earthquake fault) is continuing to rust and corrode in the harsh marine climate of Narrow Cape, despite a million dollar paint job just two years ago.

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