09 September 2009

What's New for AADC?

A recent Kodiak Daily Mirror article quoted AADC officials saying that two orbital launches were scheduled for 2010; nothing on their web site about these launches. Meanwhile, the area of Narrow Cape where my friend shot a nice buck last year is being paved as the new rocket motor storage building site is prepped. One more chunk of Narrow Cape to be fenced in and off-limits to hikers, berry-pickers, hunters, etc.

On another note, a long-time KRLIG member wrote us this email: "I was intrigued to see the supporter of the KLC who insisted on remaining anonymous; used to be it was the opposition who tried to be anonymous. Clearly, community sentiment has changed toward the KLC as Kodiak has realized that the feds and state have continually bailed AADC out from the beginning."

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The Yellow Porcupine said...

Now that Lesnoi will soon have clear title to land bordering the Olds River, the American River, Termination Point, and more prime recreational land on the road system, the importance of Narrow Cape as the only public recreational land on the road system has increased greatly. Yet, for a smattering of "jobs" and a little bit of money, some Kodiakans seem willing to give it all away to AADC.
When Lesnoi sells that land and it's developed and private and closed to all of us, it may be too late to keep Narrow Cape - it will all be a facility that sits there, rusting, and rarely launching a rocket.