24 April 2009

Science(?) Fiction from Sarah Palin: Launch Pad to Nowhere

Sarah Palin repeats the "build it and they will come" false rhetoric we've heard from AADC since 1995. "Significant Growth?" - only if the 17.5 million in state and federal funds AADC has received this year continues for years to come. And the growth will not be number of launches or more business; just a larger white elephant marring the Narrow Cape landscape. Expand the infrastructure for less than one launch per year on average for the life of the facility.
KLC is NOT the "best equipped [launch facility] anywhere": it does not have the capacity to store more than one rocket at any one time. And, try getting your personnel to Kodiak when Mt. Redoubt erupts ash and all the flights are grounded; or the fog rolls in and flights from Anchorage can't get in for days at a time.
The only launch customer for the KLC has been the U.S. government with all but one launch being overtly military. Keep in mind that while Governor Palin doesn't want to accept federal stimulus money for education, she has requested increased pork barrel funding for the KLC. Our fiscal conservative wants to spend more of your tax dollars on a facility that cannot even support itself with launch revenues. It's a kind of "launch pad to nowhere" scenario.

Sarah Palin Report

A Conservative Outlook
Friday, April 24, 2009
Kodiak Launch Complex

Governor Sarah Palin visited the Kodiak Launch Complex Thursday April 23, 2009 located at Narrow Cape, AK on Kodiak Island. KLC is poised for significant growth as the vital role of the space-based systems becomes increasingly important to our nation. The launch facility is the newest and best equipped anywhere. AADC will provide support for future MDA target missions as well as two missions with the United States Air Force in 2009.

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The Yellow Porcupine said...

BTW, it's not "best equipped anywhere" by a long shot. The KLC doesn't even have the capability to store more than one rocket at any given time. But then, Sarah Palin never allows facts to get in the way of her statements.