29 October 2008

Austerman & Lundquist on the KLC

Funny how the unconditional support of the KLC has softened in recent years. Oh, by the way Mr. Austerman, the KLC has no capability whatsoever of deterring an enemy missile attack. And it's interesting that you should refer to it as a "military-type installation". AADC has always insisted that it's strictly commercial. However, he's right on when he points out the exorbitant costs of keeping the facility open when you break it down on a per launch basis.

Andy Lundquist
Kodiak Launch Complex

On his reaction to recent news of corruption in congressional funding for missile defense, Lund-quist said such allegations should be pursued “with maximum vigor.” He described the Kodiak Launch Complex as a “positive development” for Kodiak but not necessarily a priority.

“I don’t want to see it competing for a pool of capital project dollars for other things on Kodiak that are needed more,” he said. “If it’s rocket launches or new high schools, I’ll take high schools. A rocket launch is not my high priority. And I don’t know how many days they close that area off around a launch, but it’s still costing somebody something.”

Alan Austerman
Kodiak Launch Facility

Austerman said he sees benefits in the Kodiak Launch Facility, despite some disappointments.

“Originally, we were all excited about the fact that it was going to create all these new jobs and that it was going to be private industry. I was disappointed that didn’t happen,” he said.

“The amount of jobs that are created out there are not what we nearly had thought they would be, (but) the amount of jobs that are created are good.

“I’m not opposed to the launch complex just because it didn’t live up to its expectations. Although I think there’s a lot of dollars spent out there, where if you look at it per job, it’s pretty outrageous.

“When I look at it as a military-type installation of being able to deter possible nuclear attacks on Alaska or the United States, I think it’s positive.”

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